About Maintcomm

Maintcomm is Australian Owned & operated, based in SA, and is a very well established company, that is now well into it's 2nd decade of ownership & operation.

We commenced operations in the late 1990's and we grew from a residential maintenance service to what we do today:

  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Products Supply Only
  • Products Supply & Install
  • Install
  • Maintain
  • Project Manage
  • Consulting

On a diverse range of commercial/industrial /workplaces safety, with a distinct Occupational Health Safety & Welfare focus

Our MD & CEO has in excess of 26 plus years across industries such as defence, manufacturing, OHSW/Human Resources, automotive, retail, logistics, building, sales & marketing. Our experienced installation personnel ensure that all installations of our bollards, convex mirrors, step safety step treads, safety/compliance/warning/danger/custom notification signage etc are done in a safe working method.

We always do job safety analysis of the assignment prior to commencement, and we work with facilities managers, facilities owners, government (local & state) and many others. In most cases we are inducted prior to undertaking the assignment.

You might even see our MD on site getting his hands dirty or just chatting with a satisfied customer - that might be you!

Our mantra is the customer is doing us a favour, by doing business with Maintcomm.

We always under promise; but always over deliver. We only know this why? - because our customers say so.

They also say that they love our level of communication.

We just like to talk with our customers & keep you happy!

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