Maintcomm Products

Safety & Compliance Signage:

  • Sign Blanks
  • Building / Property /Door signs
  • Construction Safety Signs
  • Danger
  • Fire and Evacuation
  • Forklift
  • Mandatory
  • Mining
  • Prohibition
  • Warning
  • Motor vehicle security

And many more safety & compliance signs. Click here for a catalogue

Custom Signage:

All types of custom signage to suit your requirements. As most of the custom signage we do is to suit you - Why not click here now, ask a question by filling in our "Ask Us" form, receive a catalogue and we'll answer your question either by voice or email.

Traffic Control:

  • Reflective PVC Speed Humps and Rubber Large Format Speed Ramps
  • Traffic / Parking / Speed / Vehicle / Reflective Workman signs (download our catalogue for all our signs)
  • Safety & Security Convex Mirrors
  • Yellow & Reflective Orange Surface Mount Bollards (Flexible Plastic & Steel types)

We canít display all the products we do - but many more products are available for you. These can be designed & manufactured to suit your requirements.

Safety is everyone's priority! Enquire now for all your safety & compliance signage, convex safety mirrors, traffic & vehicle signs, speed humps/speed ramps, custom safety signs and many others.

"Want more products? Click here for our Comprehensive Hard Copy Catalogue."